After my last telephone table I’ve been searching for another table and luckily I found one! This time it wasn’t to keep, it was to try and sell it. And make a living doing something that I love. This chair started off quite dusty, dirty and the fabric was worn in places. I decided to strip it all and start again! 


Step 1 

Clean the wood – First I hoovered (vacuumed) the seat. Then I used a clean cloth and warm water. Nothing fancy just removing dust and dirt.

Step 2

After cleaning the seat I started to strip the fabric using a stanley knife and staple remover. This was a long process as the old staples wouldn’t come out. But with patience and in a few hours I was left with just the frame.

I removed the some of the old foam and stuffing to replace when the chair was painted.

Also between stripping the fabric I noticed that the frame wasn’t very strong so Kieran cut and added some wood to the back for support and for the padding to rest on. The chair was perfect when we added the wood to the back.

I used Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Furniture Paint – Sage Green  

This paint colour is very similar to the Annie Sloan Chalk – Lem Lem

Step 3 

After 2 coats of paint I then let it dry over night and then waxed the chair with Annie Sloan clear wax– just using the wax on a cloth then buffing up when dry.

Step 4

For this chair I chose a vibrant quirky pattern – I love the macaws on this fabric and the bright brush stroke pattern. It really works well with the green paint. I worked really hard on the placement of the birds as I wanted certain birds on different sides of the chair.

Step 5

The fun part… applying the fabric.

I bought the fabric from a local fabric shops- Seams so easy in Hartlepool. I also added some new padding to the old padding to make it thicker. I stuffed the chair to make the seats firm and strong.

Dont forget to tidy the underneath of the chair and use a space bit of fabric to cover the base.

Step 6

Finally the studs! We added the studs simply with a small hammer and added the pins to secure the stud strips. The studs we got online on eBay and paid approx £11 for 8 strips and nails. These studs where supposed to be gold but when they arrived they came in a brown speckled colour which works even better.

I love this telephone table and I hope I’ve inspired you to get creative with an old piece of furniture.

Love Jessica



Forever Home – This lovely piece was priced at £100 and was delivered to its new forever home a few weeks ago and I’m so happy that my lovely customer loves her new tropical telephone table. Thank you!



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