My new project – 2 mahogany dining chairs with very old fabric.

I wanted to bring the chairs back to life and luckily enough I was given a beautiful fabric from one of my closest friends mother. The fabric is amazing! I love it! Quirky and cute!

Step 1

Clean the wood – First I hoovered (vacuumed) the seat. Then I used a clean cloth and warm water. Nothing fancy just removing dust and dirt.

Step 2

After cleaning the chair I tested the paint on the back of the chair to see how it would look when dry. I loved the outcome!

I used Mustard Yellow chalk paint by Rustoleum and I’m very happy with the overall look.

Step 3

After 2 coats of paint I then let it dry over night and then waxed the chair with Annie Sloan clear wax- just using the wax on a cloth then buffing up when dry.

Step 4

The cushion seat pads popped out very easy and Kieran reupholstered them with my new fabric using a staple gun and patience. He removed the current fabric and then covered them with the bear fabric.

Step 5

The fabric I had received from a family friend has bears with chef hats on with honey pots. Very cute and dainty.

We love our brand new “old” dining chairs and we hope we’ve inspired you to upcycle something old of yours!

Love Jessica & Kieran


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