This month of SYB Reads includes –

Talking as fast as I can – Lauren Graham 

This book was hysterical. If you know of Lauren Graham, you will know she played the main character of a series called Gilmore Girls. This has recently been revived for a brand new series on Netflix. This book is her journey through drama school, acting roles, family drama and coming back to the acting role which made her famous in the start. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found myself laughing whilst reading it. Lauren is a very witty lady with a great sense of humour. Basically, the title of the book is how Lauren talks. Lauren speaks extremely fast and you find yourself reading it in her mannerisms and voice. This is a great read especially if you need a laugh. 

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Without Rival – Lisa Bevere 

Without Rival encourages you to embrace your identity and purpose in todays society which we all know can be difficult. Powerful messages from Lisa make this serious and self helping book. Whilst aiming at Christ followers, this book can apply to people of different faiths with its statements of identity and empowering yourself. 

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The Little Book of Hygge – Meik Wiking

Brilliantly beautiful book. I loved this book! I have read a few ‘hygge’ books and this is my favourite by far. This book is from the Happiness research institute in Copenhagen. 

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