Welcome to another Steady Your Boats lifestyle review.

I have been sent a sample of the brand new Douwe Egberts Aluminium Expresso Capsules to try. As you all know I love my coffee so I was pretty excited to share my findings on these new coffee capsules!

Aluminium Expresso Capsules : 
The capsules come in different intensities, I tried the higher intensity first. I used my Nespresso Prodigio coffee machine to prepare my expresso.

How I prepared my coffee –

Heat the milk

Froth the milk

 Add the expresso


I really liked this product. It has a smooth after taste, drinkable and has a strong aroma. Just what you need on a morning!

The website also has lots of online exclusive capsules and gift boxes etc. Ill link the website so you can all go and explore the wonders of Douwe Egberts brand new coffee venture.

– How to use –
These capsules are compatible with Nespresso Coffee Machines.

– Price –
Ranges  £3.19 above 


Click the price above to buy.

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