Welcome to our perfect wedding – We hope you enjoy following our journey!

Day 1 – 13th February

We traveled from Manchester to Arlanda airport and stayed the night in Jumbo Stay … a converted jumbo jet close to the airport. Because of Kierans background in aerospace engineering I thought this would be a good idea and he loved it!! We stayed for 1 night and we had such a great time. Having a night cap in the cafe when we first arrived and giving ourselves pep talks that we can do this, because the next few days was filled with intense prep and planning with the tax agency etc.

Day 2 – 14th February Valentines Day

This was the whopper of a day!! If anything went wrong then we wouldn’t have had a wedding. After picking up our rental car from the rental garage over the road, we then raced to the tax office just outside of the city of Stockholm for opening. After speaking to a clerk who had no idea we were coming and had no idea what we wanted to do he told us we couldn’t as we aren’t swedish. Luckily we had our case number and our case worker and her name and phone number ready on our phone. Our wonderful case worker came to the rescue and our paper work was getting printed off. We raced to city hall and Kieran ran in with our paperwork. With only 15 minutes to spare! WE had our wedding confirmed for the next day.

Now was time to drop off our luggage at our beautiful Air Bnb and then race to the airport to pick up the parents! What a day! Good job we had our own games room to have some fun after a hectic day!

Day 3 – 15th February Our Wedding Day

With our chalet we had plenty of space so Kieran got ready on the top floor and I got ready in our king size room with a decking… this was ideal as I was red hot from curling my hair! Even if I did twist my ankle because it was icy!

After getting ready we took some photos on the top deck and my mother got a beautiful video of Kieran seeing me in my wedding dress for the first time. Kinda like an aisle shot.

We made it into the city! Kieran got the directions a bit wrong and we got off at T-Centralen Station … this is different to Central Station which is opposite City Hall therefore we had a 15 minute walk over a highway to City Hall.

When we reached City Hall , we met with Malin our photographer and we entered the beautiful building! We ‘signed in’ and then had few moments before we said I do.

Copyrights to Stuudio Huusmann

After saying I do we had a little photo shoot in the grounds of City Hall (Stockholm Stadshus) then we hopped into a taxi and our photographer took some more photos from Riddarholmen with City Hall in the background. After this we walked to Gamla Stan (old town) which is our favourite place is Stockholm. The architecture is surreal and we love the church bells. Amazingly we hadn’t timed this deliberately but we reached Gamla Stan as the bells played which was perfect and felt like they were just for us.

Our amazing photographer was our little guide and showed us the way to Gamla Stan and then left us at our destination of the Chokladkoppen .

Where our family and I would have wedding fika! Fika is a concept, a state of mind, an attitude and an important part of Swedish culture. Many Swedes consider that it is almost essential to make time for fika every day. It means making time for friends and colleagues to share a cup of coffee (or tea) and a little something to eat.

After the most amazing hot chocolate we then explored Gamla Stan, near the palace and the harbour then onto our next stop. Hard Rock Cafe Stockholm. For people thinking really? The hard rock? Your wedding meal? The answer is YES really! Hard Rock NYC was actually our first meal together way back in 2010 so we thought we would have a little nod to our school days. And you can’t beat the New York Strip steak from the Hard Rock.

After being fed, like a baby I may have nodded off in the booth! What an exhausting day! I was ready for bed!

Instagram…. Reality! Little note… don’t put a tired bride in a comfy booth and feed her her favourite food! She will get very sleep very quick!

We travelled back to our chalet and had a celebration there, including having an allergic reaction to our wedding cheesecake because we didn’t realise that the base was crushed hazelnuts… this was a scary point! Luckily, Dad had some antihistamines with him! Phew!! What an end to the day!

Day 4 – 16th February

This was the parents last day with us. We choose to visit a museum… the ABBA Museum. We had coffee and took them to the airport.

Me and Kieran love the movies so we really enjoyed this and think the parents did too! So much to do, it was a very interactive museum!

The rest of the day we had so many plans but we were exhausted so we choose to stay in the chalet and put the log burner on and just chill and breathe after a hectic few days! We had such lovely time, even made time for a sauna! Not a better feeling than being outside all day and having a hot sauna when you come home.

Yes, our chalet had a games room with a bar in the corner!

Day 5 – 17th February 2020

Our chalet was in the middle of a nature reserve so we went to explore! We explored 2 beaches and it was so beautiful to be there and just enjoy the moment with my husband! the vast amount of water was breathtaking and just what we needed after a few crazy days! I am happiest when near lakes so this was my favourite time!

Day 6 – 18th February 2020

We had been planning our trip to Stockholm for quite a while and every time we visit we add more things onto the list of places we want to visit. The Vasa Museet has been on this list for quite a while.

The Vasa Museet – The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed the mighty warship was salvaged and the voyage could continue. Today Vasa is the world’s best preserved 17th century ship and the most visited museum in Scandinavia.

When we walked into the building it took you by surprise at how big it actually is and how well preserved it is. The main thing that surprised me was the smell… the entire building smelt like old books. I love the smell of old books… I wish you could buy a candle that smelled of old books!

We walked around the museum and learned the story of this majestic ship and then we visited the onsite cafe with the most amazing views out of the windows. We had coffee and just enjoyed this morning.

After the museum we found a restaurant on the water right next door to the Nordiska museet ( which will be on our list for our next trip!!!) where we of course had Swedish meatballs. The restaurant was called Sjöcaféet and we dined in the greenhouse type room.

Then that was it… we headed to the airport.

Missing Stockholm already! But we will be back very soon!!

We had a truly perfect time in Sweden.

I hope you enjoyed reading our journey to marriage.

Love Mrs Dobson x