In the summer of 2017 we ventured to where it all started… America.

Luckily for us, Kieran has lots of American family who where lovely enough to let us stay with them.

We started our trip flying from Manchester to Boston and then Boston to Raleigh. Of course our flight was delayed but we didn’t mind because we had my Mac book Air and American Netflix and a constant supply of airport Starbucks!

Kierans uncle picked us up at the airport in Raleigh and took us to our new home for a week. Can I just say … Amazing! Their house was beautiful, quirky, modern but touches of old.

We spent our time in Raleigh with Kierans family and exploring. One of my favourite places was the lake where we had the most amazing BBQ ribs by the water and then went swimming in the fresh water – Even if I did squeal every time I stood on something!

Of course we had to sample the night life – Luckily Kierans cousin knew where to take us. My favourite place must have been the adult arcades – Where you can drink, eat popcorn and play retro arcade games like Miss Pac Man and every type of pinball you can imagine and not forgetting ski ball – not my favourite!

We then ventured into the city and found some awesome bars with outdoor fires. We had a blast and really enjoyed being the ‘ninjas of Raleigh’.

The photo above is from Raleigh Beer Garden

We couldn’t wait  for our first drink of alcohol in the states but unfortunately the guy behind the bar wouldn’t serve us and asked for our passports as they wouldn’t accept driving licenses as we weren’t american. I spoke to another server elsewhere and they told me he was just being a jerk, as you can served with photo ID. But from then on we did take our passports with us… just incase. So if you are planning a trip to America and you are thinking about buying alcohol, take you passport.

Over the next few days we totally loved our stay in Raleigh – Exploring the museums (Which are amazing)

If you visit Raleigh – you must go to the Science Museum

We spent hours in the museum!

Raleigh Museum of Natural Sciences

Exploring the city in 28 degree celsius heat – and what better way to explore than on a segway!

We went with Traingle Glides – Super friendly and reasonably priced.

Unfortunately they’ve moved away from seg ways and moved onto electric trikes. But I’m sure it’s still a fun way of getting round the city. 


If your visiting Raleigh make sure you pay a visit to a rodeo… Very southern!

The next day we spent the day at the mall browsing the shops and we came across this shop called Altr’d State – I absolutely loved this shop! I bought books, frame, jewellery and car air fresheners. Super quirky and unique pieces. The clothes are modest but quite bohemian.

As you can tell… I adore ALTAR’D STATE and there message they are sharing with the world.

Standing out for good is the shops tagline and if you want to know about what they are doing and why then you can check out the link to their website. Click below.

When you go to the mall, not like England here we have a few places to eat scattered around the shopping centre. In the mall they have a food court with so many different chains of fast foods. Our favourite was Chick-Fil-A  Over the week in Raleigh we also went to a farmers market – This was super cool! Very southern. We ate at this lovely farmers restaurant and of course I got the fried chicken (because I’m super fussy, I ate chicken everywhere). It was delicious.

We had such a great time in Raleigh – Kierans family where such lovely hosts.

Thats about it for Raleigh!

To sum up –

Farmers Market

Science Museums 

Segway in the city

Go to the mall – ALTAR’D STATE 

Rodeo – Carousel Farms 

Swimming and BBQ at the lake

Night out in Raleigh – Boxcar Bar Arcades   Raleigh Beer Garden 









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