Malham Cove was such a simple walk and journey to the top. We walked from the National Trust car park. and we then walked through the small village which was very quiet but the dog walkers passing us were very friendly. The entire area is very clearly sign posted and we found the Malham Tarn Estate very quickly. We enjoyed the straight path through the estate and when we reached the cove we were surprised at how big it actually is. Malham Cove is a huge curved amphitheatre cliff formed of limestone rock.

The cliff is about 260 feet high and at the top you can walk all the way along the limestone paving.

We originally ventured to Malham because one of the last Harry Potters was filmed at the top. We enjoyed the climb to the top and also seen a few stray sheep along the way. I never thought I’d get excited by rocks, but the limestone formation is amazing but be careful of the big gaps.

The view from the top is magical and we will definitely be going back.

Jessica Adams

Having a nap at 260 feet high…

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