London is a hard place to photograph, especially at Christmas, you constantly feel like you are in somebody’s way. However, here are some snaps of Camden and Hyde-Park Gate (the street where most of the embassies lie, and very grand buildings). We also visited Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and Harrods. London is far too much to do in one day,┬áso we have been back several times to fit as much as possible in. We find it cheaper staying in a surrounding city, usually Chelmsford, and commuting in with a train ticket that permits unlimited tube travel.

Camden High Street is crammed full of stalls before you even get to Camden Market, and there are several shops selling similar things so make sure you shop around to find the best price. There aren’t many shops willing to haggle but there is definitely no harm in trying.

Camden High Street and Camden Lock Market are among the world’s most famous for what they are. Because of this, the streets are constantly busy, especially at Christmas time, but these photos clearly show that. It’s a bit of a walk from the nearest Tube Station which is only on the Northern Line, and the crowds of people can make the walk seem a bit longer, but there are plenty of famous bars along the way to keep you hydrated, if you don’t mind paying London prices, that is.

Street art and performers is not uncommon to see as it is a high traffic area. This guy was arranging his tea party table for photo opportunities and attracted quite a crowd during his set up. He also found that we shared this photo on instagram. He is a street artist and his Instagram is amazing! @lsfacundo or – Leandro Facundo

Many of the shop fronts in Camden are decorated respective of what they sell. There is a shoe shop a bit further up that has a giant Converse boot stuck to the front!

To get to Camden Lock Market, simply follow the crowd, everyone will be heading in that direction.

Just before the entrance to the market, there is a Starbucks and a Wetherspoons to the left. Me and Jess can not pass a Starbucks without buying ourselves a coffee and often a Mug!

The entrance to the market can’t really be missed. It is right by this railway bridge and there are street side vendors selling hotdogs and even Chestnuts if you visit at Christmas. Camden Market is absolutely huge, and even a full day would possibly not be enough to explore the entire place. Every turn you take there are a load more paths to chose from. If you find your way to the main Bazaar, you will find the life size Amy Winehouse statue as well as the Modfather clothing shop opened by the top mod himself, Paul Weller. We bought ourselves a nice little cushion cover from a quirky cushion stall for our future house. Go follow them on Instagram @zakkacamden

Heading away from Camden our next destination was the Natural History Museum. We walked there which is quite a long walk, and passed many grand architectural buildings and streets. At the Natural History Museum, there is an ice skating rink and mini fair, if you wish to enter I would definitely recommending pre-booking. Harrods is also just down the road from this, and you definitely need to pay a visit to Harrods when visiting London. Harrods is in the Knightsbridge borough of London, and this is home to the very wealthy and some even famous people. Expect to see some very expensive cars in the area.

And Hyde Park is then only a short walk from Harrods, and from here, everything is accessible. You are close to Buckingham Palace, Westminster, Tower of London, however having visited all of these before, we had other things on our mind. At this time of year, Hyde Park becomes Winter Wonderland, a giant Christmas Market, with fairground rides, stalls, bars, entertainment. The lot. An absolute must if you’re visiting at this time of year.

We stayed long enough to fill ourselves up on delicious German sausage, beers and sweets, and the most important thing, Spanish Churros. We even bought ourselves a personalised Christmas bauble which has become a bit of a tradition at all the different places we go. We couldn’t stay too long however, as we had a musical to attend to.

I booked Rent to surprise Jess, but I even got a surprise when we were told our 3rd row seats were in fact front row! Rent is our favourite musical, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. After seeing this, we think that seeing a West End musical is a must if you’re paying a one off visit. Simply amazing.





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