IKEA HACK at the Dobson House…

Recently, as many of you will know already, we have just added another little bunny to the family. Her name is Nala. We decided that Timon needed some company and that they both needed a lovely new home together. 

Obviously because they need to bond together first we have kept their living space separate because we intend to have them out in the apartment for the majority of the time. We love IKEA and decided to create an indoor hutch out of IKEA furniture. 

I will post a step by step guide to creating an indoor rabbit hutch with built in storage and lights below. 

First you will need:

  • A Kallax unit of your choice, we used 2 separate 4 by 1 kallax units 
  • A piece of backboard, we used 3mm MDF cut to size by our local DIY merchant
  • Stick timber (enough to make your frames and a lip for entrance
  • Wire mesh (we bought 1 by 5 m grey and cut to size for the doors, there was plenty left over)
  • Sticky back plastic , we opted for a marble effect (for the floor) 
  • LED strip lights (for the ceiling)
  • White Sealant 
  • 2 fabric storage boxes from IKEA 
  • Hard ware and fixings such as hinges and screws are needed
  • 4 legs or castors, we used black legs 
  • White Paint

Instructions :

  • First cover the base section of your unit(s) (the side that faces upwards) with sticky back plastic, using a hair dryer to heat the plastic and a card to push out and smooth the plastic and get rid of any air bubbles.
  • Then continue to follow the instructions to assemble the unit, we choose to leave out 2 panels. Forming a small storage box section and a long section for the rabbit. 
  • Once assembled flip the unit upside down and attach the LED strip lights at the back of the unit. You may need to cut out a small gap for the wire to power the lights. We used a manual saw for this. 
  • You can attach the feet or castors at this point. 
  • Using upholstery tacks or furniture tacks fasten the back MDF board to the unit. We went crazy with the tacks, to ensure our new energetic rabbit couldn’t knock the back off. 
  • Inside the unit I choose to paint the backboard to represent the character of the bunnies. Blue for Timon and Pink for Nala. This is obviously optional but looks fab! 
  • Cut a length of timber to fit between the two ends of the bunny section and screw to the very front of the unit ( flush with the front edge).
  • Seal the edges of the inside of unit making it waterproof … for any accidents ( our bunnies are litter trained but you never know).
  • It is completely up to personal choice how you access the hutch we opted for a simple 2 door entrance. 
  • We cut the timber lengths to size to make 2 identical rectangles, fastened using L brackets.
  • Cut the wire mesh down to size to then attach to the insides of the doors using a staple gun. Making sure you remove any sharp edges. 
  • We then attached the doors using hinges, but the seperators in the unit are quite thin so make sure to use the correct length screws ( you don’t want to finish and realise the screws have went through to the other side. 
  • Depending on your choice of door, will determine your choice of lock. We went for a gate style lock with a simple hook and eye. 
  • Obviously we made 2 of these units so we attached the top unit to the bottom using 4 jointing plates (1 at each corner). 
  • Finally we painted the wooden timber parts to match the white unit using a white paint. 
  • Last but not least we added the small storage boxes in the left over sections and added litter trays and bedding ready for the bunnies. 

SAFETY TIP – Please make sure that everything is stable, safe and dry before your bunnies are introduced to their new home. 

A lot of people have different opinions in how to keep rabbits. Because we have house rabbits we decided that the amount of space in the hutch is adequate due to the fact they will be only sleeping there as they roam the apartment during the day. 

Thank you for reading our go to guide and IKEA hack on building your very own stylish Indoor Rabbit Hutch! 

Love Jessica & Kieran

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