Welcome to our new section over on Steady Your Boat dedicated to sharing tips and advice on how to make plastic free and zero waste changes in your homes and in your lives. 

This week I will be sharing some food shopping tips and tricks.

Firstly a super easy swap to make… Stop buying plastic bags! Reuse your bags!

We all go to the shop for a few items and come out with more than we went in for. But we need to be more mindful shoppers and remember to take a reusable bag(s) with us instead of buying these single use plastic bags which take 500 years- forever to decompose.

Be more mindful next time your out at the shops. It takes 2 seconds to grab your reusable bag whether its reusable cotton tote bag or a canvas bag just make sure you’re reusing your bags.

It was on a twitter poll recently that men don’t take reusable bags into shops as they believe people think they are ‘less manly’ and ‘gay’. This is ridiculous and this opinion on men has to change. I don’t know about you but a man being a conscience shopper is a lot more grown up than a man going in a shop and buying these plastic carrier bags.

Our next little swap is single use plastic produce bags to reusable netted bags or cotton bags.

It is just a super easy swap to make. We try to only buy loose fruit and veg from green grocers and supermarkets. It is difficult because everything nowadays comes wrapped or shrink-wrapped in plastic. This plastic cannot be recycled therefore it should not exist! This is totally bonkers!

We have to shop around for our vegetables! I look forward to the day I can go in a shop and take my own netted bags with me to buy all my fruit and vegetables with no problems but for now I’ll settle with not having to go to 3 shops just because I wasn’t to buy loose peppers or loose onions!

People say buying loose fruit and vegetables is more expensive and they are completely right. But if you only buy the amount of food you need instead of overbuying and then not binning so much food waste it does work out financial viable.

When researching about the life length of a plastic produce bag I was completely struck with the fact it takes 500 years to forever to actually decompose. These bags aren’t currently recycled so once they have be used they get binned and put into landfill which is pure lunacy. Especially when reusable bags are so easy to come by now.

Lidl have just started selling reusable produce bags also with Sainsbury’s who are trialling them in a number of stores.

Morrison’s have paper bags which is great but reusing bags is so much better for the planet. Less waste. Less methane gasses from landfill. Lower CO2 levels. Slower global warming.

Little changes can help the planet if more people make these little changes.

My final swap for the week is your milk.

We changed from plastic milk bottles to glass milk bottles last year and haven’t looked back. We are very lucky to have local milk man who delivers milk, cheese, fresh fruit juices etc.

Even a plastic-coated paper milk carton takes 5 years to decompose.

We receive our milk in glass bottles and we give them back to get sterilised and filled again. It’s such a great swap! You don’t even have to leave the house to get your milk.

I hope these little swaps help you on your journey to becoming plastic free in your home.

Thank you for reading

Jessica x

Founder of Steady Your Boat.