Recently I’ve felt spiritually lost. With everything going on at work, being made redundant and with sadly loosing my grandma last month. I’ve felt alone, without God and mentally exhausted. 

When your a Christian people expect you to be this happy, upbeat, encouraging little ball of light. When in reality sometimes life gets to you and weighs you down and you start to loose your light. 

Usually when we feel lost it’s due to the heaviness of the world weighing down on us and we are trying to deal with it alone. But Jesus overcome this world so we don’t have to cope on our own. We should be looking to him for help and to show us how to be more christlike. 

I love this certain scripture, it’s been on my heart for a while now and it’s given me so much peace recently-

Luke 19:10 

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

When you feel lost look for God. Plant yourself deep into scripture and worship and just enjoy being with the Lord. 

Usually I go off my emotions and use feelings to try and manage situations which we all know by now… it doesn’t work!!! 

Avoiding loneliness

God did not send Jesus on the cross for all the “perfect people” who have their lives all put together. He sent his son for us! For the children of god who need help, who don’t have a clue what their doing most of the time. The broken people full of stress and illness and loneliness. 

Here’s some questions to think about this week : 

How can you avoid loneliness?

Surround yourself with other believers. 

Sometimes people who don’t believe and who haven’t got Jesus in their life can pull you down with them and you need to rise above it. 

God promises that even when we walk through the darkest valleys to not be afraid as he is beside us. 

“Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.”

God doesn’t intend on your being alone as you were created for relationship but sometimes life gets thrown at you and people get in the way. 

For example you could be in a room full full of people (non believers) and they start gossiping and talking about people and giving their opinions on things they have no right to even talk about. And you know that God doesn’t want you to be in that situation but sometimes it’s difficult especially in the workplace. 

This scripture gives you something to really think about –

Colossians 3:17 

Whatever you do or say, do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus. 

That’s all it comes down to really… when people of the world bring you down and gossip and sin. Try and be the light and be more Christlike. 

A little tip 

If you ever feel the urge to gossip, just think, does that person really need my opinion and judgement. Who am I to judge? Is it true? Who am I hurting?  

I’m going to end with this, God promises 

If you want to enjoy life and see many happy days, keep your tongue from speaking evil and lips from telling lies. 

If more people started to follow the word we wouldn’t be made to feel lost in a sea of people. We wouldn’t be living to half our potential. We would be happy, we would have full peace and love for life. 

Thank you for reading a Steady Your Boat Faith Piece 

Speak soon my lovelies 

Jessica x 

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