Let me begin by saying I love our apartment… but… you do have to come up with some creative ideas to make the place your own when renting. And adding lights can change the entire feel of a room. I searched for fairy light ideas (because who doesn’t love fairy lights) and came across a wall of lights.

I had seen a few ideas on pinterest which I fell in love with – here are my favourites.


To create your own dream wall…

You will need: 

A curtain rail 

Curtains of your choice, we went for glittery curtains (x3 because they weren’t very wide)

Transparent hooks

Fairy Light Net Curtain   

These are the items we used and if you click on them it will take you to them on the online shop.


How to assemble : 

First put the brackets and pole up. (It helped that Kieran knew what to do and the fact he is tall).

Next put the hooks on the wall just behind the pole. Then hang the curtain lights.

Finally pop the curtains up and your ready to go.


The dream wall has made such a difference to our bedroom. Our bedroom is decorated with cream walls and a grey feature wall which can sometimes be quite dull but by adding lights it has created a lovely cosiness about it.

If you decide to create your own dream wall, don’t forget to send us photos! 

Jessica x




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