Hi everyone! Wherever your reading this message I hope that it finds you safe and well.

Recently the world has turned upside down! The global pandemic which of course is the corona virus spreading throughout the world has taken over the news.

If you are like myself I am quite an anxious person but I always watch the news as I’m hoping it will inform me of something hopeful or ‘good’.

Of course the news and tabloids have to cover everything from symptoms to death rates to scary statistics. But enough is enough. If you have watched the news you know whats going on, you know what to do, you know what your government is instructing you on what to do and how to do it.

Now breathe! and TURN THE NEWS OFF!

I have decided to not look at the news every minute of everyday, I will watch the daily update on the afternoon and that is it, as my mental state cannot cope with the amount of uncertainty and terror in the news right now. I understand the severity of this disease and I understand the dangers of this virus and I am under lockdown and I am following the government guidelines but there comes a time when you have to turn it off and look after you!!

I have became obsessed and quite addicted to reading the news either on my mobile or on the television. This is not healthy. We need to take care of our minds especially when they are being exhausted by constant change and fears of the unknown.

Whether you are a christian or not I truly believe we all need to take some time either prayer time or just 30 mins a day for mindfulness and being present and in the moment.

We might not have church or parks but we have connection. We have inclusivity, we have the ability to tune in online for worship sessions, meditation practices even live streams of church. Not forgetting video calling our loved ones!

So today I invite you to take part in my gratitude and positivity plan.

Every morning you can join me on my instagram story (@steadyyourboat or @TheDobsonHouse) for 5 mins of gratitude and positivity. Where I will invite you to share:

  1. What you are grateful for today
  2. What creative activity you are going to partake in today
  3. Something you are looking forward to today
  4. Something that makes you smile
  5. Someone you are grateful for

I will be sharing the image every morning for people to use and to share with family, friends and followers so we can share our positivity with the world.

Save the image above and then write your answers and then post on your socials every morning and lets spread some positivity on social media right now.

So many positives are happening around the world and we need to focus on them:

  1. During Italys lockdown fish, dolphins and swans have returned to the polluted canals of Venice because of the lack of traffic.
  2. Chinas pollution levels have dropped.
  3. Music is being used as a tool to bring the world together, we’ve all watched the videos of saxophonists in Italy on balconies.
  4. Gym instructors giving lessons on rooftops.
  5. Neighbours finally meeting one another and helping each other
  6. Kind food donations to the homeless and rooms been given the homeless to keep them safe
  7. Pictures of rainbows have started to appear in windows to spread joy
  8. Teachers are live-streaming lessons and p.e lessons online whilst children are home in lockdown
  9. We are giving nature a break!
  10. Less cars will be on the road … less pollution.
  11. Couples who finally get to spend time together
  12. Parents who now have the time to actually get to know their children
  13. Bringing people together by inviting them to join a church live stream to introduce them
  14. Finally clean the inside of your wardrobe
  15. Start a new hobby
  16. Getting creative and starting a new business

I could go on…

If you sit and think and meditate on this you will find many more positives to come out this crisis. This helps me daily to try and think about the good and the positives. We have been given this time as a country and a world to take care of ourselves. Take it! Enjoy it! Keep yourself safe and keep yourself at home!

News presenters said 2 weeks ago that in this crisis we will see the worst in people but we will also see the best in people. Let’s be the good!

I choose love and joy over fear and uncertainty.

I hope you enjoy sharing your daily gratitude and positive post!

Thanks for reading my little self care post and remember to look after yourself physically, mentally and spiritually.

Love Jessica Dobson x