Tis nearly the season! Myself and Kieran are super excited for this Christmas season, not just because we have our own place but because we can decorate our own place. Of course this isn’t our first tree because we were extremely lucky to have a real tree cut down for us when we spent Christmas in Sweden.

But this tree is the first tree taller than myself and Kieran!

This year I decided the theme was going to be red and white (mainly because we had bought decorations from all over the world which are all red or white).

We started getting everything organised and Kieran arranged the lights.

I started with the basic round baubles and then went onto the hearts and ornaments. My new favourites this year are these beautiful white ceramic hearts from The White Company.

Our other decorations are from IKEA, The Range and Sweden, Gamla Stan Christmas Market.

And of course it’s not Christmas until the Swedish blanket comes out. We found this blanket at Skansen (world’s oldest open-air museum) in Sweden and had get it.

Our new red pom pom cushion and our Santa please stop here cushion are from George, ASDA. The heart cushion was from TESCO last year.

Our Christmas tree is from Wyevale Garden Centre, it is a 6.5ft Bluffton Artificial Christmas Tree. The led fairy lights are from Dunelm and star from George ASDA.

The wicker tree skirt was a bargain and is identical to the White Company. We found it in B&M.

Our Candle bridges are from Tesco.

Because we are obsessed with little trinkets and collectibles we decided to make a centrepiece with all of our travel baubles on my old white twig tree.

I absolutely love our little grotto!

Our Christmas star is a lamp shade from Winter Wonderland in London a few years ago.

Christmas isn’t complete without a wreath and a Santa ornament.

Not forgetting a reindeer, snow globe (of course from Sweden) and a new led fire lantern.… and obviously lots of candles! 

When living at home with my family, my mother had every Christmas movie therefore when I moved out I needed my own basket! From Home Alone to White Christmas it’s always great to have them at hand throughout the month of December and perhaps November if you love the season as much as me.

When November hits it’s wrapping gifts time! I have spent today wrapping gifts for our house rabbit… yes thats right our pet is receiving gifts this year! And Yes that is his stocking.

This brings us to the end… December is upon us and I would like to take this time to say have a lovely cosy Christmas from myself and Kieran and our little Timon.

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