Welcome to our new section over on Steady Your Boat dedicated to sharing tips and advice on how to make plastic free and zero waste changes in your homes and in your lives.

This week I will be sharing some bathroom tips and tricks.

Lets start with the easiest swap… Shampoo!

Lets get rid of the 550million bottles that end up in landfill every year!

You can find shampoo bars online, high street shops and your plastic free weighing shops.

My favourite shampoo bar has definitely got to be the purple Jumping Juniper bar from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

Some people say that shampoo bars are expensive compared to your ordinary shampoo plastic bottle. I say shampoo bottles are usually £3-5 each and don’t last very long in a house of a family. I live with my fiancé and we both use the shampoo bars and 1 bar between us lasts about 3-4 months. Which is incredible because I would have spent £15 plus on bottles whereas a shampoo bar is £7-8.

This to me is a no brainer!

We store our shampoo bars in a glass jar and in a soap dish on the bath rack. We were gifted the metal tins for Christmas so we can take our shampoo bars with us when we travel which is great! No more shampoo bottle leakage in your suitcase!

Lush have recently started selling cork storage too for your bars which look fab! The naked products are 100% vegetarian, animal cruelty free, handmade and naked packaging which is great! Go check out the website to see the new plastic free section.

My second tip today is reusable make up remover pads and wipes!

If you are like me and used to go through a pack of face wipes a month then keep reading!

I recently watched the documentary on the BBC – War on Plastic. They covered a whole episode on wipes. Whats inside the wipe, what they are doing to aquatic life, our oceans, our sewage systems etc.

I was baffled by how many wet wipes the UK goes through. Enough is enough. Wet wipes are cheap, easy to use, convenient and they fill a need.

But what if we can change this…

This was one of the first changes we made in our house. No more wipes!

I bought some reusable cotton pads to remove my makeup. Just add water and wipe off. I don’t wear foundation but I wear mascara and eye shadow nearly every day therefore I was a little sceptical to use just water but after trying it I would never go back! My face is clean and I’m not binning any wipes anymore.

My reusable cotton pads came in a small netted bag so its super easy to store them and pop them into the washing machine. I tend to use the pads every day then pop them in the bag until I’ve used them all then wash them with your normal laundry. I purchased mine online because at the time my town didn’t have a plastic free shop. But they arrived in a cardboard box with paper so no plastic in sight. I’ll pop the link below.

Reusable Make up pads

Mine cost £13 which is great as usually a pack of wipes cost £2 and I was using at least 3 packs a month!

Wet wipes are often partly made of polyester, a type of plastic that doesn’t deteriorate like, for example, a tissue might do.

The synthetic fibres that make up wet wipes prevent them from being recycled or composted. After you use it once it then goes to landfill. And because the wet wipes have those synthetic fibres in it, they do not break down and they represent a large proportion of non biodegradable waste in landfills.

That’s believing you discard of them properly as a lot of people flush their wipes down the toilet! Which is completely bonkers. Even if they say ‘flushable’ they still contain fibres which won’t break down. So just pop them in the bin.

Knowing what we know about wipes and whats in them… Plastic. Why would you flush a wipe down the toilet. Wet wipes are behind up to 80% of blockages in UK sewers causing fatbergs, according to the water companies. If you don’t want to change to reusable wipes then please discard of your wipes in the correct ways. You can also find bamboo reusable wet wipes now, which are great. A little tip for when you are out and about- pop some wipes in a box with a spray of water and there you have a more mindful box wet wipes for your convince on your travels.

The top tips for changing your plastic items in your homes are

  1. Research! Look into what your product is doing to the planet and search for changes.
  2. Shop! Check online, check in high street shops and more importantly independently owned shops in your local area.
  3. Share your findings with everyone you know.

Remember if we all do a little bit, we can change the world.

Thanks for reading guys!

Jessica x

Founder of Steady Your Boat

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